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AUDIO | FAVOUR | YAHWEH | @Favourpauleno1, @Premium9ja

The amazing songstress Favour drops another leading song into God’s presence titled; Yahweh, After the released of Idinma.
Favour being a gifted vocalist, her singles released so far has been blessing and touching so many lives.
It is important to watch out for this lady as she is just the next big thing to happen in the genre of Gospel music today!

Enjoy this spirit filled song, #Yahweh by Favour.

Produced by Dubble D.


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Twitter:- @Favourpauleno1
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AUDIO | SIR BENNY B | YAHWEH (REPRISE) FT CHRIS MORGAN | @bennymusik4u, @ChrisMorgan


YAHWEH(REPRISE) is the remix version of the single YAHWEH which was done by Sir Benny B featuring worship leader Chris Morgan. Sir Benny B is a music minister, song writer, multi instrumentalist and also the Coordinator of DE ZOEAB MUSIC MINISTRY, a ministry poised with the mission to create a platform using the tool of music to reach out to widows and less privileged individuals.
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Ministry Account: facebook.com/dezoeabmusicministry

AUDIO | GIFT DENNIS | YAHWEH | amenradio1, @Giftdennis4

Gift Dennis releases brand new music titled “Yahweh” under GD Music management. GD Music is highly grateful to God for the singing ministry of GIFT DENNIS which has been a blessing to most people in the world today. Her music is the combination of sounds and her electrifying voice refreshing the spirit and soul of men calling them into the atmosphere of Worship.

In 2013, Gift Dennis launched her very first album titled “Onye-Eze” which touched so many lives and in 2015, she came out with her 2nd album titled “Living Testimony” which paved the way for her in the gospel music industry and recording huge fans all over the globe.

And now, she is out with a single titled “YAHWEH” an electrifying spirit filled worship song that will capture and turn the heart many to God. In Gift’s assertion, “God is absolute reality. There is no reality before him. There is no reality outside of him unless he wills it and makes it. He is all that was eternally. No space, no universe, no emptiness. Only God.” She prays that everyone who listens to this song will have such an experience as recorded in Psalms 135:1-21.

GM Music reports that Gift Dennis will drop another single soon Titled “Na Grace” and this will be mind blowing!

We believe and trust the lord that these tracks will be a blessing not just to fans out there but to the body of CHRIST in general and to the generations unborn. DOWNLOAD 

Lyrics : Yahweh by Gift Dennis
Intro:           Oh………Oh oh………..Oh oh…………Yahweh oh
Verse 1:       Aba-Father, Hallow be your name
                    Your Kingdom come, your throne be established
                    Almighty God, No one can be like you
                    You are the lion of Judah, I lift my hands to you.
                    Arogbo ojo, Alewi Alese, Covenant keeping God
                    I lift my voice to you, Kabise oh…. You’re the faithful one
                    I lift my praise to you………….E yahweh oh

Chorus:         Yahweh I lift my hands to you (echo) Yahweh Oh
                      Yahweh I lift my praise to you (echo) Yahweh oh

Verse 2:
          Agu na’che mba, Okoro biya di ma
                       Agamu aporo gi Isi nala le. Onye ne me oma
                       Wonder working God, only you owns my praise
                       Everlasting Father, I lift my hands to you
                       Creator of Universe, how great thou are
                       The living truth, he lives inside of me
                       How faithful you are, how mighty you are
                       I lift my hands to you, I lift my praise to you.
                       (Repeat Chorus 2times)

Vamp:        Oh….oh oh………….oh oh ……oh oh
                   Oh………….oh oh ………….oh oh …………..Yahweh oh
                   Oh ——– oh oh ————- oh oh ————- Yahweh oh
Bridge:  I lift my hands to you, I lift my voice to you, I lift my praise to you……Yahweh oh
                          (Repeat 3 times till fade)

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After the successful release of the Yahweh Audio,  Dr. Paul and his crew have come out with the video to this wonderful  worship song.  With jaw dropping props, beautiful locations, amazing cast and a strong production crew, Yahweh is sure to top the 2017 charts of the best produced gospel videos.  Shot by WEB Media and Directed by Favour Johnson, YAHWEH is an inspirational worship song that transports you into the presence of God.   Yahweh has won wide acclaim from gospel music reviewers and has cemented its place as one of the foremost worship songs of 2017.
MTN: Text 1020542 or 0020542 to  4100
Etisalat: Text 823397 to 251.

Twitter: @iam_drpaul
Instagram: @iam_drpaul_

Facebook: drpauloluikpe

AUDIO | DR PAUL AND SOUL ACE | YAHWEH | @Iam_drpaul, @iamfreshboii

Yahweh art.jpg

Yahweh is a worship song inspired by God’s presence. It is a soul-stirring song of surrender to God’s will. As the New Year has dawned, God will take his place and do what he desires in the lives of his people. Dr. Paul and Soul Solace are just vehicles of expression for God’s touch through this song.  The group has had a good year in 2016 dropping back-to-back hits like Nara Ekele (nominated for the Scepters Award), My Helper, My Helper Remix, Bulie Ya and Adonai.  The song Yahweh takes this success to the next level.

Vs 1
I bring You a sacrifice, Oh Lord who made the heavens
I bring You a sacrifice, Oh Lord who made the earth
No matter what, I experience, my life is in Your hands
So do what You desire, Yahweh. (Choir repeat)
Yahweh, I give my life as a sacrifice of praise
Yahweh, I give my life to You
Yahweh, let all creation lift their hands in praise
Yahweh, let everything around me give You praise
Yes, everything around me, Yahweh
Vs 2
I bring You a song of praise, the King of all the kings
I bring You a song of praise,  Oh Maker of the universe
No matter what, may come my way, my life is in Your hands
So do what You desire, Yahweh
(Repeat chorus 2x)
Yes everything around me, Yahweh (7 times)