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AUDIO | EPHRAEM | MMA MMA FT JCLONE | @Ephraemchene,@Jclonee


Formally known as “Ephraemchene”, now “Ephraem” is up with another song titled “Mma Mma”, featuring a rap art “Jclone”. It’s a twist to the popular song done by Frank Edwards but this is for the new school and the lovers of trap beat. Listen and be blessed by it.

Name : Ephraem
Twitter/Instagram: @Ephraemchene
Featured art : @Jclone
Song title : Mma Mma





J.Clone is back with a new tune titled ‘Ego ego’. A creative way of translating the heart behind his art. A great song on a beat that sounds like a combo of trap and Afro made by Sango, and Mixed/mastered by JB.



IG/Twitter – @jclonee

FB – mynameisjclone




People call me weird, I don’t do it like dem others do.

Bare my heart so open like a kid with his drawing book

Heart so purple blooded I don’t side with the neutrals

A king without a crown you can’t pay for that attitude?


 I don’t do this for your ego, your ego

I don’t do this for my ego, my ego

 Verse 1

Rappers like they self-made

Self named, self decorated.

Self crowned self celebrated

Crowned cranes self elevated

I don’t know how to believe

You live on the roots and the leaves

I think you’re tryna get high

Why you build your home in debris

I just wanna be here when you need me

Never for the money, I don’t care if you feel me

I’ve got love for people yea I put that on my CV

It’s God when I vibe I’m so wavy like Mississippi 


Count me out if it’s not about love

Call me a guru, got problems to solve

Positive vibes only that’s my resolve

Watch what you listen I can’t say enough


 Verse 2

I do this for my friends not every one around be fam

Some come in pretense so I don’t hold on tight and firm

Got a girl she different, no be popular demand.

I love to hold it down for her till tomorrow never ends.

I care about the kids i’ve got my sisters listening

Whenever I get paid I make them taste of the dividends

Tryn to be responsible

I guess that’s what big brothers do.

When the money comes, the money goes

But God in me is like the yeast to the dough













Music | Follo follo by Wixane [@jcambassador] ft @jclonee, @izik_aga

Folo folo

Wixane hails from northern Nigeria, the Niger born Abuja based upcoming rapper is a student with an eclectic interest in music, he is inspired by the likes of Lecrea, Andy Mineo, Bizzle, John Givez amongst others. He has always had the love for music and started off as a band member in his local church at an early age, Wixane hope to take his interest in music to the next level as he comes out with his new single “Follo Follo”, the song is an outstrip profession of his faith ad mist good and bad times and a never ending fellowship he shares and loves, he features the Afican Kid hit maker J.Clone along side IZIK AGA, don’t miss out on the fun cause this Gbagyi boys are taken it to the next level.
Twitter/IG – @jcambassador, @jclonee, @izik_aga
Facebook – wilfredistifanus


NEWS | J.Clone announces details about new EP ‘African Kid’ [@Jclonee]

Afrikan Kid cover

Abuja based artiste J.Clone has revealed the album cover and tracklist of his coming EP ‘African kid’.

‘I consider this a very profound project’ he says ‘as I in my own way help to communicate the beauty of my continent Africa to the world at large. I see this as my contribution towards correcting wrong ideologies about being African and/or being Black. This is my debut project and so it also tells a little of My story.’



  1. African Kid intro (Prod. by 2blaze)
  2. Keep it simple ft Ephraemchene (Prod. by E.S.T.A)
  3. Dream on ft Texx (Prod. by Haychbeatz)
  4. Dream kids (Prod. by Wytboi)
  5. African lady (Prod. by Haychbeatz)
  6. Hello black (Prod. by E Daniels and 2blaze)
  7. I’m different ft Izik Aga (Prod. by Wytboi)
  8. Up NEPA ft Silas Solomon (Prod. By CKay)
  9. Taking over ft Dunnie (Prod. by DFlow)
  10. African drum ft Geo and Dennis Red (Prod. by Geo)
  11. Driven (Prod. by Stone)

All mixing/mastering and post production done by 2blaze for 2blaze muzik except for ‘Track 4’ which was mixed by AY Klasiq. Art and design by Martins Owa Mathias.

Which song are you looking out for?

Afrikan Kid back backcover