There has being a drastic shift in the way the world is been run such that ideologies that were once acceptable are now out of style or virtually non-applicable in our present day world. We live in an era of were there has been strides and innovations in various areas that affect the livelihood of every human, as such it is necessary for every young man (or woman alike) to define themselves, their live goals and what happens to them as a result of such definitions. This led to outlining twenty things that we young people should be able to define about us and also things we should know before we leave the youthful age.

Below is an outline:

1. Discover yourself
2. Learn to use your gifts and abilities to solve your problem
3. You must have caught an idea on how to make money
4. You must have known the definition of love
5. You must have read at least twenty books
6. You should have a pastor
7. You should be known for something
8. You should have a mentor
9. You must learn how to say “I’m sorry”
10. You must have conquered procrastination
11. You should be free to use your mind
12. You should have a bank account
13. You should have an investment
14. You must have developed stability of character
15. You should be able to choose your friends
16. You should have learnt professional dining etiquette
17. You should be able to define your vision
18. You should have an idea or be able to drive
19. You must have the capacity to feed someone else
20. You must be BORN AGAIN
These will be discussed in details in subsequent posts, so keep your mind active and meditate on these.

Paul A. Iliya

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