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A beautiful Afrocentric ballad with a tropical vibe, steady paced percussion stimulating rhythmic oscillation and a reverberating lead guitar characterize the wonders on this piece but Olaoluwa Johnson Oyewumi has partly succeeded in interpreting the expression on the musical piece with such an outstanding instrumentation, it is the vocals that gives complete expression to the message.

“Wonders” speaks of the state of mind of the man who took a minute to rationalize the creator’s dexterity but eventually concluded it is unfathomable, hence he calls it a wonder.

Olaoluwa Johnson Oyewumi is a Gospel music minister. He is a worship leader with passion for Christ Jesus and also the founder of Praise Paradise Music Ministries.



 Verse 1
Ise Baba mipo aho le ka tan.
Ose ohun to yami lenu.
Otun jomiloju. Wonder(5)ce                Nimope yio
Emi ho,hoho hoho ho
Emi omon ho.
Verse 2
Ise Baba mipo.
Emi oleka o
Oka irun ori mi
Otipe sansan
kini mofeso
Nipa ntele dumare miti se Funmi.
Emi ho,hohoho ho ho. Emi omon o.
Emi ho,hoho ho(2)
Emi ho,hoho hoho.
Emi omon ho.
Verse 3
Bi omi ti de inu agbon
Ko mama seni toye o
Bi agbado ti se di omo
Baba mi nikan loye
Koro ni mo bo mole
Bosedi omo eyi oyemi
Olomo si kata gangangangan
Baba agbado ni
Verse 4
Boyun tidenu hoho ho
Kosenito ye
Kasun kaji saye
Owo Eduwa lotiwa
Melo lafeka
Melo lafeso
Ninu ore Baba mi
I’m gonna testify of your grace.
Forever lailai.
Emi omo ho…


Twitter: @olaoluwaoyewum1

Instagram: olaolujohnson

Facebook: Olaolu johson oyewumi



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