MUSIC | MELLIFLUOUS MUZIK | JESUS BETTER THAN US [@mellifluous @churchhillent]


At a point in my life I felt it was more important that I get a visa to the United State in search for green pasture says Mellifluous Muzik. Obviously God had a lesson for me in this so He (God) made it impossible for me and all plans proved abortive. If only I knew that only God can make me lay down in green pastures (Psalm 23). Later on, the Lord gave me a revelation in Mathew 6:33 that it is paramount that I seek his kingdom and righteousness first.

This song transpired during a church concert in Dec 2010 and since then it’s been a blessing.



Mellifluous Muzik is a graduate with bsc in economics and a fanatic of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He started with secular music in 2004 before he met a friend by the name Sykik who mentored him to focus on Gospel music. Afterwards, I started building my capacity on Christian Rap and discovered I had it going on well says Mellifluous.

Mellifluous is currently working on his album Hip Gospel Out Da Incubator (I Samuel 16:11-13) so, kindly download, enjoy and anticipate more singles from the album and the album in full. God bless you as you do.




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