MUSIC | Aocornelius | Jesus My King [@aocornelius]


Ajibode Olabisi Cornelius, is the first among four loving siblings, who are also very talented singers. According to him ‘Jesus My King’ is a refreshing sound from heaven for every believer that is aware that our kingdom is not of this world. In his word, ‘Jesus my king was inspired by a serious difficulty I experienced in the year 2009/2010 it was more like I wasn’t going to make it through it but yet still the Lord lifted me and gave me a beautiful smile’.  Also in his words, ‘Jesus will always be there to lead us through the good bad, worse and ugly’ that’s what a King does, how much more the king of all kings. Jesus My King is produced by Tema, Ghana based producer, David ‘Cann-Wood’ Croamwell.




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