IMG_1321-2Chubie & Xtremelife is a Nigerian Gospel group with a vision of reaching out to the world with the Life and Love of God. Founded in December 2009 by Chubie Ujah, The Ministry has been focused on drawing people close to God through praise and worship.

During the first 5 years Chubie & Xtremelife have been focused on organising worship meetings around Nigeria. These meetings have been greatly impactful and inspiring to a lot of young ministers around the country. With little or no support from anyone and anywhere, Chubie & Xtremelife have encountered numerous challenges in trying to spread the Gospel doing way we have been instructed to do it.

In 2014 we got a release to stray recording our songs. Our first single was released in November 2014 titles “Because you are God”. You reign is our second official single and we are preparing for our first Live DVD recording on December 18, 2015.



Phone: +2348105168997

E Mail:


Twitter: @Chubieujah @XtremelifeM


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