nonnie roberson

The Multi Dimensional Woman of God Pastor Nonnie Roberson is out with a brand new single titled “ZION TAKE YOUR PLACE”. This single is a prophetic master piece with a splendid strings combination channelled to reinstall and remind Christian of their rightful position.

Zion Take Your Place 

Brief Bio:

Nonnie Roberson is the Founder of New Wine Ministries. She resides in Dallas Texas USA  & Abuja, Nigeria where she operates a conglomerate of Companies and Governmental assignments. Nonnie Roberson, or Prophetess Nonnie as she is popularly known as, is bursting with excitement as she anticipates the miracles that her listeners will see in their lives through this song.

This beautiful soul-lifting single promises to sweep the world, reminding everyone of the promises of God to His People.

2nd Versions of Zion have been recorded for Salvation and the other, Deliverance. The lyrics pierce the soul, propelling you to rise up and take your rightful position.


 Twitter: @PastorNonnie

Instagram: Nonnie_Roberson

Facebook: Pastor Nonnie Roberson or Being Nonnie

Produced by Joseph Fabs and Mixed and Mastered by Zeeno Foste


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