Read what Irene Abi has to say about MC Adoga of Rap and his new single #The kill

Most modern rappers find some things difficult, one of them include describing a complete event with the use of simple, consistent and interlocking metaphor. Scepters national award winner, MC Adoga Of Rap is yet the first Nigerian rapper I’ve heard using the street gang
setting to explain the necessary violence one must engage in, so as to end the ageless war between the man and his lifelong foe, the flesh. He has a mix of the old west coast rap and the present generations groove that gives his style an unbelievable flavour.

MC Adoga Of Rap’s vocal cadence and laconic word scheme paves way for Beautiful Lite; she gives the song that silk feel as she steps in at intervals to reduce the tension, thanks to her smooth relaxed flow. The track highlights Christians ignorance; most of us attend church
but have no intention of becoming moving churches, flesh at work!

MC Adoga Of Rap is one of the most respected emcees in Minna. He is a final year student and a member of christian clique what would Jesus do (WWJD?) I urge you to take a listen.

Download The Kill here

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